Our Academic Program is divided into terms. The rate at which students progress through the Drawing and Painting Program varies by individual, and normally requires from 7 to 9 terms to complete. Students are considered graduates when they have successfully finished all assigned projects.


• 1rst term 2017: January 3rd - March 25th

• 2nd term 2017: April 11th - July 1rst

•3rd term 2017: September 12th - December 9th


Full-Time Program:

Instruction is provided Tuesday through Saturday, from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and from 1:30 to 4:30 p.m.
(30 tutored hours per week)
(model costs are included in the tuition fee)

Half-Time Program:

Chiaroscuro Studio of Art provides the opportunity for students to study on a half-time basis (12 tutored hours per week). It is possible to study 2 full days a week (6 hours a day) or 4 half days (3 hours a day).

Our academy is based on the Atelier System, which means that students of any level can study and learn with the full time students. You would follow the same curriculum as the full time students, which would give you the opportunity to achieve similar results, but of course, over a longer period of time.Half time students are allowed to come on saturday morning to work on their projects without tuition, and then stay to draw or paint the model in the afternoon with the full-time and part-time students. (model costs are included in the tuition fee) 



Special Program:

Chiaroscuro Studio of Art recognizes that it is not always possible for students to enroll in our Full or Half-Time programs. So we have designed a completely new program for those of you who don't have enough time due to work, study or any other reason. This program is perfect for those students who want to start a serious drawing and painting training but are not sure about the full program. One day a week!



Saturday Classes from 9:30 A.M. to 12:30 P.M. are intended for students who want to paint or draw in their own projects with professional advice and guidance without following the core program. These projects can include Old Masters copies, Landscape paintings, portrait from photos, and any kind of figurative painting the student would like to develop.

Some exercises can also be given to those students to help improve their skills. These excersises are specially designed for these classes. (Core program exercises, painting from the cast, still life painting, and painting the figure and portrait from the live model ARE NOT part of these classes)





Saturday Classes: $55 per Class
($200 if you pay for 4 classes)

Special Program: $400 Monthly*
(4 classes, one per week)

Half-Time Program: $1,500 per term

Full-Time Program: $2,500 per term



Fees Include: Registration, tuition and model*. All materials are provided by the students.

*Model costs are included just for the full time program. Students that want to draw or paint from the live model must pay an additional fee of $10 during the week (2 hour sessions) and $15 for saturday sessions (3 hours)



Full and half-time Students must pay the fees the first day of the term.

Special Program Students must pay the fees during the first week of every month.

Chiaroscuro Studio of art gives the students from the half and part time programs the opportunity to "make up" for missed classes. The make up must take place during a period no longer than 15 days from the missed class. "Classes are not cumulative", so students must pay the monthly fee regardless they make up the missed classes or not.

The date and time for the make up class must be consulted and set up with the instructors.












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